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Common Sense Wellness, an extension of the Church of Common Sense offers a variety of natural healing services designed to rejuvenate your Mind, Body and Soul. We consider ourselves educators as well as healers, since we teach each person about the strength they already possess within. Start your healing journey today...

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Common Sense Self-Care

Your Divine Health is Our Top Priority

Common Sense Wellness Online is in process of offering a variety of natural healing information designed to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. We consider ourselves educators as well as healers, since we teach each person about the strength that they carry within their own bodies. We aim to offer information to help others understand the various elements required for Optimal Health, Vigor, Happiness and Longevity. Provide people with all the information and tools they need to be their own health-care professionals. We have 10's of trillions cells all having 100,000 chemicals reactions per second each, all guided at light speed by biophtons down our 26,000 miles of neural-pathways giving us instantaneous thought and movement. But stresses of life, poor diet and exercise, etc. soon bog down this astounding system bringing illness disease and death far too soon. God gave us the keys to the Kingdom and Nature not man holds All the secrets!! Consuming the right Alkaline/Acid ratios of Gods Organic Plants you’ll soon become enlightened to the fact of the Miraculous Synergistic effects of All of Gods Glorious Plant Medicines… 

Humans: Are We Carnivores or Vegetarians by Nature?


Self-Care Information Location

Your Pathway to Good Health...

Articles, videos and research covering aspects to create balance within; Mind, Body & Spirit in Harmony manifesting personal Wellbeing, Happiness, Energy and Longevity.       NOTE: This is a work in progress, keep checking back.

Covering many areas necessary to obtaining balance within for optimal LifeForce and Homeostasis:











Energetic Healing

Spiritual Teachings

Indigenous Healing

Ayurvedic Medicine

Healing Ceremonies

G/Lymphatic Systems

EndoCannabinoid System

Traditional Chinese Medicine…

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"Well done is better than well said"

Benjamin Franklin

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